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I used to think this is my own fault but really, I\’m not that intensive a user on my phone. From the information provided below I\’d say it\’s more of a wifi hardware/software issue. I\’m not complaining about Cyanogenmod specifically, as reading around it seems that a lot of smartphones (not just Android-based) suffer from battery life issues. CM7 is a massive step up on the ZTE Blade compared to Orange\’s horrific 2.1-based stock ROM, especially once you replace the default CM7 launcher (ADW) with LauncherPro.
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I’m an avid amateur (digital) photographer, although I don’t get an awful lot of time nowadays (young children will do that to your “free time”) so anything that can save me time and hassle is always welcome. Adobe’s Lightroom 3 software is just one of those things. Read the Post Adobe Lightroom 3

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